Process Workers

Registration of unqualified technicians and process workers/lab assistants.

· Register all personnel manufacturing dental devices in a dental laboratory including all unqualified applicants whose experience (i.e. experience working in a dental laboratory) meets the criteria, currently is seven years full-time or part-time equivalent.

· Trainee dental technicians should register as enrolled trainee dental technicians with the National Joint Council for the Craft of Dental Technicians (NJC)* and be on a recognised education and training programme.

· That all those currently employed who cannot register be enrolled as trainee dental technicians.

· Enrolled trainee dental technicians (under item 2 and 3 above) are given a maximum of seven years to qualify for registration.

· Use GDC ethical guidance to prevent the employment of non registered or non enrolled personnel in the manufacturing process.

· That the whole question of process workers/lab assistants is studied by the General Dental Council within five years after registration begins.

* NJC because the DLA and DTA are represented on NJC and it was the historical function of NJC to register apprentices.