Education, Training & Qualification

Dental Laboratories Association
Education, Training and Qualification Policy

The DLA Executive Board are committed to an educational environment in dental technology that recognises both the academic and technical skill sets that enables an individual to become a commercially viable member of the team, so that is able to meet the professional standards required by the General Dental Council.

The DLA Executive Board will strive to represent the follow points on behalf of the membership when promoting this policy:

1. That all DLA supported qualification should be based on the ‘Developing the Dental Team’ GDC publication that set out the curricula framework for registerable qualification for Dental Care Professionals.

2. That all qualifications supported by the DLA should be recognised and aligned with other dental technology qualifications in the European Economic Area (EEA) in order to achieve global profile for dental technology qualifications.

3. The DLA believe that there should be one curricula developed for the UK which is delivered by colleges, universities, and is administered in the same manner as all other national qualifications.

4. Entry level for all Dental Technology courses should be ‘A’ level or equivalent.

5. The DLA believe that there should be a period of funded mandatory vocational training prior to registration.

6. That a second qualification and therefore a higher registrable level is developed to be able to place dental appliances on the market (MDD 93-42).

7. All Dental Technology qualifications must be evaluated with the employers and their representative body on a yearly basis, with the intention of reviewing content to include ethical guidance, material and technological changes in the profession.