The DLA are members of the CODTEI group, this group consists of all the College and Universities that provide GDC recognised courses in dental technology, throughout the UK.  The group also includes key associations within dental technology; namely the DLA and DTA.  Our purpose within CODTEI is to provide the opinions and ideas from employers in Dental Technology to the educators, to try and ensure that today’s students are prepared for the dental technology profession of tomorrow.

The DLA also provide feedback to the GDC regarding courses in the UK and attend occupational standards review meeting when they are held by Skills for Health.

The DLA enjoy a positive relationship with the DTA and a number of course accreditation bodies, which means that we can constructively work on making Dental Technology relevant and fit for purpose in a commercial dental laboratory.

The DLA also promote Dental Technology as a career, offering leaflets to DLA members who go to career fairs.

On the DLA Board, we have two members who are dedicated to professional development of dental technicians, the first is the Director for Education and the second is the Director for Training.