Debt Recovery

Expert Collections offer commercial debt collection and credit management services.

Our primary service is the collection of business to business debts. We have extensive knowledge of working with the dental laboratories industry and the DLA. This understanding and experience of the relationship between dental labs and dentists, means we are uniquely placed to offer our expert services to the membership.

Traditionally debt recovery agencies charge commission on monies collected in the region of 10%-25%. More recently some companies have utilised late payment legislation to collect late payment fees on behalf of the client or use the late payment fees to subsidise the collection cost.

Our charging structure is much more simple and economical.

We add late payment costs on to the debt which is chargeable to the debtor. As such we are offering free debt collection, where the debtor will pay for the cost of the collection”

Main contact details: Richard Price
Telephone number: 01274 866 820
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