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Terms and conditions of trade are your business’ way of protecting itself from your customers. The value of having a set of Terms & Conditions of trade in place should not be underestimated.

In businesses where every transaction is subject to the same terms and conditions, they ensure that your clients are fully aware of their rights and obligations from the outset.

It is very similar to your staff handbook, which legally protects you from staffing issues, as this document protects you from customer disputes, bad debts, etc According to Direct Route, our exclusive debt collection company, “the number one reason why some bad debts are irrecoverable is that the terms and conditions of trade are out of date and therefore not legally binding”.

So with this in mind, the DLA have developed a set of up to date terms and conditions of trade, covering such topics as interpretation, price, payment and cancellation, delivery, passing of risk and property, defects and inspection of goods, export terms and finally liability.

The DLA’s terms and conditions of trade are customised to your laboratory business needs and have been tailor-made for the dental technology industry.