HR & Contracts of Employment Disc

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The Human Resource Discs include all the documentation you will need to maintain your staff records. With employment law growing increasingly strict and more onus being put on employers than ever before, it is vital that adequate human resource provisions are put into place before hiring and firing any employee. This is not only to ensure that the general welfare of the workers is upheld, but also to reduce the legal risk of a claim against the business being made.

The Discs include:


  • Job Description
  • Application for Employment
  • Application Managerial
  • Interview Letter
  • Reference Letter
  • Reference
  • Initial Request Form
  • Interview
  • Induction
  • New Starters


  • Preparation of appraisal
  • Person Specification
  • Appraisal Letter
  • Appraisal Staff

Absence/Holiday Records:

  • Attendance records
  • Holiday request form
  • Absence Records
  • Lengthier absence service
  • Access to medical reports
  • Medical Reports
  • Return to work checklist
  • Return to work interview


  • Exit Interview Form