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How to Guide: Infection Control in the Dental Laboratory

Infection control in the dental laboratory is an important concern for all dental laboratory owners as there is a legal duty to protect the health and safety of not just staff but anyone else that comes into the laboratory or receives appliances from you.

This guide aims to lead you through the aspects of your laboratory where infection control is a concern. As with many health & safety issues, we will be following the format of addressing the areas of concern, identifying the hazards, assessing the risks and finally controlling these risks.

To enable this to be done effectively we will look at each stage of the laboratory processes, which in this guide are:

  • Work arriving into the laboratory
  • Disinfection of this work
  • In-process (manufacturing) infection controls
  • Outgoing appliances & despatch

To work through this guide successfully you will need to address each area, read the guidance associated with it, assess the risk associated using the templates and finally produce your laboratory infection control procedure for each process.

This guide also gives you information relating to personal protective equipment, blood borne viruses, staff training and also a complete laboratory infection control policy that may be issued to your clients.