Dental technology is currently a very exciting place to be. With more and more labs adopting digital workflows and realising the value and efficiency of using digital technology, there seems no better time for the Dental Laboratories Association to move forward too, with the launch of its brand new mobile app.

From the lab, from home or on the go, the DLA is now at your service whenever you need something. This is a project several months in the making, and we are thrilled to now be able to announce that the app is ready and raring to go. The DLA has partnered with and been supported by Straumann on this project, a company that is striving to bring the very best technology to all laboratories. It is a partnership we feel could not be better suited.

So what does the app have to offer? Several sections of the app will require you to register and set up a unique login and password, to access the areas that are members-only. Other tabs offer simple information and easy ways to quickly contact the DLA in a way that is most suitable for you and your laboratory.

dla-app-email-apple dla-app-email-google

Exploring the app

When you first open the app, you will be greeted with the home screen, which offers six easy access hotspot buttons. With just one touch you can be taken to the Straumann website to browse more information and products from the company, and The Revu, Straumann’s online publication. You can also scroll through our Affiliate Member Listing, our recent news articles, and upcoming events, or the option to call us is at your fingertips.

You’ll also notice our handy tabs along the bottom of the screen. These display the DLA Shop and your basket, so if you want to quickly make a purchase, you can do so straight from your mobile phone. The DLA has a range of products designed to help you manage your lab, and we are looking forward to adding more products as time goes on.

Here is where you can also find our live messaging tab, which will allow you to instantly send a message to the DLA and chat with us online. If you’ve got a simple query, want something sending over, or just need some information, drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you with the answer as soon as we can, pinging it straight back to your mobile phone! This is ideal for those times you have a question but don’t have the time to give us a call – working in a laboratory can be difficult and time-consuming, so we’re here to make things easier for you!

Click on the ‘More’ tab, and you’ll be greeted with further options. As well as some of the pages you had on the home screen, here you’ll also find details of the DLA Executive Board, so you know who to contact should you wish to get in touch with the Board, and many of the DLA’s most popular Fact Sheets. We release Fact Sheets to give our members more information on the topics most useful and important for laboratories. These have always been freely available just by getting in touch with us, but now they’re even easier to reference whenever you need.

As well as links to the Straumann site and The Revu for your convenience, you’ll find a handy list of some spotlighted Straumann products with the option to find out further information on them. These will be regularly updated, so you get the chance to explore plenty of products that will be of great help to you and your lab.


One of the best things about mobile apps is that they can alert you to things that are happening even when you don’t have the app open. If you allow notifications from the DLA app, you’ll be sent reminders and updates straight to your phone, for you to then open and deal with at a time and place that suits you. The DLA office may only be open during working hours, but we know that many lab owners and workers work far beyond those. With the app, we now have the opportunity to support you at all times.

Registering for the app

While the DLA app is freely available for anyone to download from the app store, the sections of the app that form part of your DLA Member Benefits will only be accessible to DLA members who register in the app. You need only register once, and after filling in your information and deciding upon a login and password, you will then be able to log in whenever necessary to access your benefits.

The registration screen will be triggered when you first try to view any part of the app that requires a login. All you need to do is click ‘Register’, fill in your details, and set the password that accompanies your email. Once that’s done, the app is yours to explore!